Whatfinger Open Comment Thread August 2, 2020. Trump Admin Day 1291. Election in 92 days… Speak up… tips, links, ideas, anything.


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  • Government and MSM negligence, incompetence, or another agenda for control of the Sheeples?
    We are being lied to and played big time.
    MSM virus data reporting on BOGUS, B.S. stats in Arizona, Texas, Florida, Wyoming.

    U.K. Virus, INSANE government moves.
    Irish guy in the middle lays it out on the mask orders by the government.

  • You all saw the interview on Tucker with Dershowitz? Dersh seems terribly defensive every time this is brought up, even still there is no evidence. You can see his side of the story. Not to defend sickos, but before we execute someone let’s have a trial with real evidence and not convict them like media does to us all the time.

  • Off topic, but I’m curious as to why everyone is so messed up with this new hurricane/tropical storm’s name ISAIAS

    If ISAIAH is pronounced eye-ZAY-uh, wouldn’t ISAIAS be pronounced eye-ZAY-us?

    • It’s just strange. Funny to see how so many are messing up with it, but it is a good thing that it isn’t a hurricane any longer anyway. Here are a bunch of clips on it from Dummie Funnies –

  • Is anyone developing a vehicular defense system using Skunk spray? Seems like a great way to repel boarders short of crushing them with your vehicle. I bet there’s a huge market for such a system in cities today. An electrical current would also be effective, but would probably cause too many heart attacks. Anyone else have ideas on how to defend your property in a non-lethal way?

    • I think that the potential market is actually microscopic.
      I mean, how often does one go cruising in a Riot Torn city?

      If you want a “surefire” repellent that is cheap and easy get a can of Starting Fluid (Ether) and a Cigarette Lighter. Someone comes at your window, spray them liberally with ether (it comes out as a stream) and offer them a “light”.

      There’s lots of legitimate reasons for having Starting Fluid on hand …

      • I like the idea but Bay0Wulf is right. The market isn’t there. When I see many of the videos daily I so want something to be done though. No ideas for a product that would work for many. Just a joke – but how about a license plate changer so we can use the power of your vehicle? lol Like this – I would buy this.

  • The ACLU is part of the Khazarian Mafia and part of the ancient control system utilizing courts to control the narrative.

    The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) has bribed it’s self into 4 key positions in the UN, so as to dictate world policy. The UN was created by the Rockefellers as the foundation for a Communist one world government.

    This is why we need to get out of the UN. The CCP is extremely corrupt and when the UN denounces the stopping the riots and yet does the same thing in Communist China, they need to be denounced.

    China needs to be brought down to it’s knees. Right now, it’s 1/7 the cost to manufacture in Viet Nam and a lot of Chinese businesses are going there and to other countries. China is going down economically and this is why they are trying to take over other countries.

    This is why it is really good that the US is backing other countries and stopping the Chinese from being more aggressive. We need to make them vacate all those man made islands that are in international waters.

    They probably want to create land bridges between them and then fill some of them in to create more land while screwing up the current flow, which will affect the weather. They want total world domination, which means the CCP leaders want to be the dictators of the world and that is why the CCP needs to be gone.

    Bring them down economically and then they will fall.

    • I agree with you. So much we can do and as you notice things keep getting more serious every week. We can take them out economically right now, cut them off from our banking system, sue the hell out of them for killing 150K Americans, keep their money we already have as a down payment, and we can deny any nation that trades with them access to our banking system. This alone would destroy them. But the stock market and media would go nuts on Trump, so this can’t be done until after November.
      Remember Trump now has big Pharma against him too. Everyone is against him, all of the powers that be. Thanks to him wanting Americans to be treated equally with foreigners. This is what he just said…

    • I think China (the CCP) is in trouble on many fronts.
      I’m pretty sure that they were severely overextended but comfortable in the knowledge that they had the USA practically eating out of their hand.
      I think they had no worries about the situation with the USA because so many politicians and businesses were simply willing to let them have whatever they wanted and they didn’t think much … or care … about the US Citizenry (much like their own citizenry).
      Suddenly Trump happened and Trump is acting as a Force Multiplier for the US Citizenry’s dislike for China’s lack of Ethical Behavior.
      Many of the things that have occurred between China and the USA … including the virus but also, the South China Sea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Stepping Up of the Theft are all … or in part … reactions Against DJ Trump and his startling policies.

      I think that the CCP Itself has been hurt.
      That might be a “good thing” but it should be remembered; A Wounded Animal is the Most Dangerous.

  • IDW is a Forum/Conversation Website that might also be of a lot of interest to People who are looking for an open exchange of uncensored ideas and thought.

    I am hoping to see this “Open Comment Thread” become something like IDW. It will be interesting to see how it develops.

  • It is starting to look good for Trump. The left is getting beat everywhere again. I wonder what scam they will try next?
    President Trump liked this fast clip from Watters’ World today –

    Watters with Dona;d Trump Jr

    • Trump’s rating at Rasmussen polling today has grown to 50%. Several factors have led to the increase, but I do believe people are realizing the existential threat posed by Dems on many levels. My cautious optimism is bolstered by his accomplishments and outlook for the country.
      MAGA KAG


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